Women’s March Los Angeles

This Saturday, January 21, 2017, was historic.

I joined the Women’s March in Los Angeles and even though I do have my reservations— inclusive feminism is very important to me— I knew I still had to support this movement. To show solidarity, to help make the numbers as large as possible, in order to show that we are together in this. That we won’t stand for a government that promotes greed and oppression. A government that supports an idiot for a leader.

750,000+ people is the official count for Los Angeles.

All kinds of people were there and it was peaceful. Yes, of course, it was peaceful because the police weren’t aggressive because this was organized by white women. We have to acknowledge the police bias against Black Lives Matter and protests that centers around people of darker skin color.

But still, I am happy it turned more into a celebration of what we stood for. Equality. Love. Tolerance. It is all worth fighting for.

Trump’s supporters might ridicule us. Try to belittle us and write us off as people who don’t contribute to society—”snowflakes” seem to be the favorite word at the moment (even though I find it’s them who need safe spaces from the scawy feminists…). Now it will be laughable to watch them deny us and claim that millions of people just “need to get a job” and get off the streets. We are what makes this country run. We are not the people who voted for Trump who believe he will save them and give them hand outs. We have saved ourselves and we created our own destiny, our own future and earned our lives through hard work.

We are not delicate. We are strong. We outnumber. We survive.

It says something when there are so many more protesting than who attended Trump’s inauguration, right?

I am proud.

We will fight for all of us. Even the ones who are against us.

Except Nazis. Fuck those guys.