London: Walk Like a Tourist

Going to a new place and acting like a tourist is a lot of fun. Now, I know a lot of travel/lifestyle people get wee bit pretentious about “looking like a tourist” when they travel— you know who you are! As much as I enjoy being “immersed in the culture/city/etc” and pretending to be a douche bag, I find great joy in looking like a tourist.

We spent a day of pure tourist fun in London. We started with the London Dungeon, which… I can’t even begin to describe the pure, amazing kitsch of it all. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the event either. Therefore, I can only recommend experiencing it for yourself if you love fun, hilarious things and pure tourist-trap-cheese.

Here’s our super-tourist-y photo booth shot for your pleasure and to give you an idea of what’s in-store.

Next stop was the London Eye. When riding the Eye, make sure to browse the internet for ticket deals. We got a two-ticket deal between The Eye and the Dungeon (they are right next to each other) and saved on money.

The London Eye gives a great view of all of London and I hear it’s also very pretty at night. Magically, they keep the glass fairly clean and photos turn out pretty well.

Be warned, you will be trapped in the ride for a few minutes with other tourists. They don’t allow the pods to get too crowded, but if you are annoyed by strangers easily like I am, it can be challenging… but I’m a cranky old lady. I’m sure the rest of you will be fine with it.

We were incredibly lucky to have had a sunny day during our ride. Afterwards, we walked for awhile in search for our afternoon tea reservation at the Haymarket Hotel. Walking in new cities is my favorite thing in the world. I love when I walked and explored so much that my feet feel like they are dying. I live in Los Angeles where driving is a religion and it’s such a treat for me to be places where it’s possible to walk everywhere.

Walks in London can last for awhile, but it never feels like it takes forever to get anywhere.

Old cities are just too goddamn gorgeous.

As far as the afternoon tea, it was lovely. We were perfect ladies.

Seriously, the Haymarket Hotel does a perfect afternoon tea service. The decor at this little restaurant was perfect without feeling too stuffy with a great flair of fun and colors. The food was delicious and yes, somewhat overwhelming. Don’t let the tiny food fool you… getting to the top tier of desserts felt like an eating marathon. Can’t help filling up on scones and clotted cream though.