LACMA Trip during Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This year, I got to have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off from work and I had the brilliant idea to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art—LACMA for short. I did not realize that it was all Free Museum Day. Parking was miserable as all the museum lots were full by the time we got there. I really did almost just give up and just turned around to go home. Why must parking in cities be so ridiculous? Eventually, we decided to bite the bullet and park at the Peterson Automotive Museum across the street and headed into a semi-crowded day looking at art.

Luckily, we had an annual membership and didn’t have to stand in the long line that day plus we got our free event tickets to the Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera exhibition. My inner art history nerd was happy. It was incredible seeing his famous paintings in person.

The exhibition wasn’t crowded, thankfully and I got to enjoy staring at each piece. My favorite were sketches from Picasso. I know he gets a bad rap from a lot of people because: cubism, wtf? But I am a fan.

The exhibit consisted of three rooms with a mixture of work from both artists. They showcased a variety of their work which was really cool to see in person.

We explored a few of the other rooms in the museum and I tried to get as inspired as I possibly could. I’m going through a major life changing moment right now and I will ned to refill my creative well. It’s super scary but so is running out of time and basing all my decisions on fear.

I’ll get super deep later, but back to the museum!

It wasn’t so bad despite the busy crowd. A lot of the rooms were pretty empty because most people were enjoying the sunny day outside.

We did find the Ed Fella room, which I loved. I kind of wished I was a graphic designer when it was all still done by hand!

The Picasso and Rivera exhibition runs through until May 7, 2017.